Tips for Proper Wedding Invitation Wording

Published: 25th February 2011
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When it comes to traditional wedding invitation wording, the principles tend to be quite different from normal, everyday writing. These special etiquette guidelines apply to punctuation, spelling, abbreviations and capitalization.

Here are certain things to be mindful of when it comes to your wedding invitations in regards to proper wording and spelling.

  • Punctuation use within a verse is not always typical. Periods do not appear at the end of sentences but only after title abbreviations such as Mr. and Mrs. Besides placing commas within sentences as needed, they also appear between the city and state of addresses and the day and date of your wedding.

  • The first word of a sentence is capitalized even though sentences do not end in punctuation. Keep in mind that not every verse line will start with a capital letter since sentences sometimes continue to more than one line.

  • All proper names, title abbreviations, days of the week and months are printed with the first letters being capitalized. The year, written out as a phrase, most often has only the first letter of the first word capitalized.

    For a more modern look, there are examples in which nothing within the invitation verse is capitalized OR just the opposite where every letter in the verse appears in an upper-case font with the true capital letters being slightly larger.

  • Dates, years and times are spelled out instead of listing them as numbers.

    • Saturday, the third of January

    • Two thousand and ten

    • at two o'clock in the afternoon

    Numbers are acceptable when listed as part of a street address (i.e. 10 Main Street).

  • There are many ways to phrase the line that actually extends the invitation to guests but if the word 'honor' is used it is most commonly spelled as 'honour' for more formality as in a religious ceremony - 'request the honour of your presence'. The spelling as 'honor' can be used for an informal or more casual wedding.

Abbreviations have certain rules, as well, when it comes to your wedding invitation wording. Some of these etiquette guidelines pertain to both your invitation verse and when addressing the envelopes.

  • Non-professional titles such as Mr. and Mrs. are acceptable abbreviations.

  • Professional titles such as Doctor should be spelled out.

  • Words such as 'Street', 'Avenue', 'Trail', etc., should be written out along with state names.

  • Symbols should not be used so the word 'and' should be spelled out.

As you can see there are several wedding invitation wording etiquette rules so hopefully these tips will sum them up for you. The important thing to remember is that if you find yourself in doubt, there are many sample verses to review as examples.

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